MUYANG Pelleting Machine MUZL 600/1200


MUZL 600/1200 pelleting machine is excellent in processing high-grade fish feed. It is also suitable for poultry feed and pig feed production.

Triple rollers

*Balance stress distributed on the ring die can protect it from broken;

*Triple working zones greatly increase the production capacity of a pellet mill;

*Each roller corresponds to a cutter, the pellet length can be controlled reliably;

*Feed pellets have longer retention time in die holes and obtain better durability and *appearance; (compared to 2-roller pellet mill)

Especially suitable for the production of high-grade fish feed.

Two-motor timing-belt stepping drive

Transmission efficiency as high as that of gear drive

Flexible drive, more stable and lower noise than gear drive;

Unlike gear drive, it is free of lubrication, more convenient for maintenance and replacement.

Double-motor drive contributes to uniform stress distributed on main shaft bearings, of which the service life could up to 5 years.

Hydraulic brakeā€¦

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