Storage equipment guide

The International Milling Directory was successfully distributed to all key players at IDMA. 10 boxes were shipped over in advance of our participation at this key Turkish event. We also were able to distribute directly to flour millers after the event as we visited Çorum, Aksaray, Konya and Ankara. We passed many silo plants – new and old installations in a number of places. Many were manufactured by advertising partners of the International Milling Directory and were found in both towns and the rural country.

GSI silos in Bolu, Turkey

GSI silos in Bolu, Turkey

One such photo here shows GSI silos at  BOLU UN VE YEM SANAYİİ (translation: Bolu flour and feed industry). This is a key example of the way that storage is valued in Turkey, which is well known now as an important local and international milling industry, which, importantly is growing well.

Please contact the team at the International Milling Directory for more information about getting your silo and storage products into the new International Milling Directory today. Email Tom at or call +44 1242 267700. This edition will be the best  yet for equipment guides!



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